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by Birgit Neiser, Myanmar traveler and photographer. If you want to know more about Birgit neiser, please visit

This website showcases and documents the unlimited facets of Myanmar,
a country of natural beauty, friendly people and amazing culture.

There is so much for us to learn from the wonderful Myanmar people. Go and explore the culture. Go there without any expectations.  Accept the situation and the pace of change in Myanmar, come with a fresh perspective. As travelers, we all shape the course and direction of the future development.

As Somerset Maugham, having been to the Burma of former times, says in his book “Three Gentlemen in the Parlour” about the traveler to this country:  “When he….sets out on his travels, the one person he must leave behind, is himself”. You may want to go and do what Somerset Maugham did:  “I resolved that while I rode through the country, I would have a regular spring cleaning of all my ideas.”

So leave yourself and your ideas behind while you are traveling through this website and hopefully through the real Myanmar soon. Enjoy!

Please respect the copyright of the photos.

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