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The dos and don´ts include:

  • always smile, laugh about yourself (the opportunity will come),
  • take off your shoes when entering sacred sites and homes,
  • use your right hand to pass over, hand-out or give things while supporting your right arm with your left hand
  • only use crisp banknotes in foreign currency for paying or exchanging money, even in official banks.
  • Ask permission if you want to photograph someone. This can also be non-verbally and you´ll understand the answer.
  • The Myanmar people are very polite and honour their guests. Don´t take advantage of this
  • Be patient when things or itineraries don´t work out the way you planned. Always be prepared for the unexpected that presents itself. If you are too well planned, you might miss out on a ceremony or other event that happens on your way.
  • Bring spare good literature English language books because the Myanmar people love to read
  • Do enjoy yourself
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